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Meeting Girls
playing straight
Playing Straight
Play it fairly straight to win, because bluffs will be tested
Only Talk to Local Women
Focus on what's close because the distant is a hard catch
Sell Yourself, but Don't Oversell
Tell her what's good about you, but be sure to deliver
Don't Just Show Up
You've got to bring something interesting, so dazzle her wildly
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Don't Just Show Up

Kurt Cobain penned the chorus of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from a sarcastic line he used when he arrived at parties:

    Here we are now ♫
    Entertain us ♬
Maybe that flies for depressed teens in Seattle, but the rest of the world doesn't respond to merely showing up and it's not dropping any panties either. You've got to bring something interesting or else the party is just a bunch of people looking around at each other with no one making a move or saying anything special. Who wants that?

In some ways a fuckbuddy is just like any other type of relationship. Your old friends can have a bad outing or two and you won't kick them to the curb, but ten bad outings in a row? There's some number of bad impressions at which point you start to reevaluate what you think of them.

Figure with a fuckbuddy you are probably out after one or two bad showings. Bad includes being mentally spaced out, boring, whining, and failing to show any redeeming qualities. There's plenty of other guys out there ready to fuck hot girls, so if you're not up to it then someone else will be fucking your girl. That's just how it is.

Never forget you're always one or two outings from being cut. If you're having a weak night, step it up. Thrill her. Be unpredictable. Do something wild. Throw her around just because. Don't fall into routine. You don't see her much, so make it special.

She'll remember you for not being boring like the rest, and will look forward to your time together.

here were are now, entertain us
Passive expectations and waiting brings nothing

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